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One of the Toughest Question: Describe Yourself

Despite the amount of time some of us spend in front of the mirrors scrutinizing each inch of the mirror reflection of ourselves, when this question pops out, we would always do a double take, ponder and then try to answer this question seriously but we could never truly accurate describe ourself.  Its like forever trying to grasp which shade of colour we are but we always miss the mark:  we either describe ourself as too pale a shade or too bright a shade.
Lets not go all deep and describe or measure our intelligence by the score of our IQ or type of Myers Bridge test.  I shall take the challenge and try do describe myself (face wise) for once.
I have a pretty broad face, sharper chin, medium size dark brown …
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My Godbrother’s friend decided to give her additional Netflix account to us because she wouldn’t be using it for this year anyways and thus, we celebrate because

1. Its Netflix;
2. It’s free!!

That IS a valid reason to celebrate!

20 seconds later


"We are sorry but Netflix is not supported in your country." in their freaking default font.


Thank you awesome country, for blocking out Netflix. -bow-

URGH, dem rage.

That was 5 months ago and yesterday while talking to this Murican friend of mine, he said he’s watching Attack on Titans on Netflix and I casually popped in saying we do not have Netflix here.


My reply was, “Well, I have THE INTERNET.” So much win \o / At least imo its a win ;w;

Let me put it this way for you.

The internet is like the engine of a car which is the most important part of the car, the life of the car.  Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, (colour)tube, etc, they are all merely accessories to the Internet / Car.  If you have them, all the better as they boost the human experience but if you have some and is lacking some, overall as long as you still have the care engine and it runs, I can still make do with that because it still takes me to my destination somehow, one way or another because without Internet.

The car engine is equivalent to your Internet.  The horse power is equivalent to your internet speed.  You have a Proton, well good luck to you.  You will reach your destination 10 light years later like how that YouTube is loading at 144p and its still taking forever.

You have a Toyota, woots, thats like having 4MB speed.

You have a BMW, that’s fibre optic for you.

Ferrari?  That’s 4G right there man.  ”What’s that?  It’s a bird!  Its a helicopter! Nooo! IT’S FOUR GEEEEEE!”

So yes, we still manage to live in a country without Netflix because le power of the Internet is unstoppable!  As long as we have the Internet we shall thrive and repopulate like there’s no tomorrow!

Your car tyres or type of car like a manual or automatic car is comparable to your gaming mouse or keyboard.  It is all part of aiding the user experience but the engine, is still the most important of all.

Random post is random, yep yep.

I am a little mind blown by myself. 


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Stay tune for more!

Meet My New Lover(s)

A friend was telling me that her one true love is sleep.  I told her for mine, I know its selfish but I cannot live with one without the other so today, let me introduce you to my one true love (divided equally right in the middle): Sleep and Food.

Yes, meet my two new lovers who shares my one equal love: 50% Food and 50% Sleep.

The funny thing is, she mentioned that it would be ‘preferably if you don’t do both at once’ and ironically I told her that I had!  You would do both at once when you are in a coma or anesthetized and you are being connected to the drip (glucose saline).  That way, you are sleeping and being fed at the same time!  Sad thing is you will not feel full from it and you end up with a swollen hand (whichever hand that drip is connected to).

And because of this, she invoked some deep memories from before that I really wanted to share with you guys!  Sharing this genius side of me with all of you that you rarely see <3
For the full story, read it here <3


As much as we can’t turn back time, time will unfold our stories eventually.”  - Mishberries

At least that is one thing I’ve learnt so far.  Everyday, one of us live in regrets of things that we have done in the past, or at times, things that we did not do in the past.  We re-live the conversations or the actions in our head, frown upon it and shake that thoughts away because there’s simply nothing that we can do to change it.  Some of us however, get trapped in that thought and we fail to free ourself from its vine-tight grip, hence despairing and regretting over it more.

Time also changes everything about a person.  Sometimes, even more surprisingly, time does not affect some people and they remain the same after all these years.  Time also pushes you to do things and get things done, when you know your time is nearly up. 

Time, all in all, is a very powerful matter in our life.  We can’t see it, we can’t hold it, we can’t hear it, but we keep track of it all the time.  Time to go to bed, time to wake up to start a new day, time to pass up your assignments, time for tea break, competitions, exams, etc.  For something that we cannot grasp, every nanosecond of it has became so important to us and we strap watches to ourselves to remind us of its existence.

Time of birth.  Time of death.  Tick tock.  Tick tock.

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Profiling Odin’s Family

Lately my brother and I have been talking a lot about Marvel’s latest movie and even more about the characters of the movies and since the latest is Thor, The Dark World, I am going to give it a shot and do a short profiling of some of the characters in the movie (without spoilers) and these are all my own interpretation of the characters, nothing else!  Just something random to do at 12 midnight on a Saturday night <3

Lets start with the Oldest of them all: Odin

Well Odin is supposedly portrayed as a good father figure, wise and fair but he is exactly not the 3 types that I’ve just mentioned.  He is playing pretend wise and fair but at the end of the day, he is just like every other fathers of the Worlds:  One could not be impartial when you have two child especially when one is the child of your enemy.  

First, if Thor wasn’t ready and Odin is going into Odinsleep soon, if Odin had been wise and impartial, it would have been only logical to actually give the throne temporarily to Loki because Loki is more of a strategist God and not some hot headed God with instant noodle hair.  Don’t get me wrong, I like both Thor and Loki and I don’t lean much to either side but I gotta say, Loki would’ve made a better king than Thor (before Thor’s transformation on Midgard or Loki finding out he is actually from Jotunheim) because though Loki is mischievous, he could actually rule a kingdom based on his ability to plan, think ahead and knows what are the consequences of certain actions but nooooo, Odin would only pass the throne to his real, one son as I believe he did not consider Loki part of his family.  He brought him up for a motive and one motive alone:  To bring peace between Asgard and Jotunheim.  Along the years he might have felt a little something something for Loki but it all vanishes as fast as my nail polishes dries.  He would rather have an unready Thor who was ambitious, arrogant and could’ve brought all sorts of war and downfall to Asgard like a magnet attracting metals but alas, Thor was still his only choice for the throne.

Second, he banished Thor to Midgard.  Like, MIDGARD.  Earth, seriously?  You call that punishment for the actions that Thor had done?  He made Asgard a Bulls Eye spot for war single handedly and all Odin has done is to banish him to a place where he made some of the world’s professional trained armies look like some low wages guard, as how Coulson puts it and THAT, is apparently what punishments are like in Asgard.  Oh how scary, Allfather.  Yes, Thor is really, really afraid of what’s in Midgard, Allfather.  At least banish Thor to the Era of Dinosaurs, that would’ve been more entertaining.

Then there’s Frigga

I actually kinda like Frigga because the character that she’s portrayed showed great and impartial love not just for Thor and Loki, but other characters as well.  She loved Thor as her first and only born but she has also loved Loki as her own.  She embraces Loki’s talent on being a sorcerer and encouraged, guided and taught him on the subject, being a good sorceress herself.  She gave him Odin’s throne without hesitation when Odin was snoozing and Thor was learning how to order another cup of coffee and trusted him.  The two greatest thing that she could’ve done for Loki, she did it without a flaw.  She loved him, and she also trusted him.  That was actually all Loki ever wanted.

Next is Thor & Loki.

Thor’s character is obviously righteous and courageous but before his little adventure in Earth, though given his bravery and righteousness, he is nothing but a little boy playing hero.  Yes he has led and fought through many journey but other than his muscles developing, his mind did not seem to travel with him through all those journey and grow one bit.  He is aggressive, impatient and have zero planning skills.  He could not take taunts and he thinks taking up every challenge is the right thing to do.  You call him a little princess, he created war. 

Thor and Loki could also be described as a see-saw, metaphorically.  From young till todate, Thor has always been on the top of the see-saw and Loki on the bottom, supporting him all the way and Loki wasn’t the only one.  Thor could be described as the jock of the school, heck he is the jock and the son of the Principal and that makes him even more attractive to everyone else.  He is always surrounded with people, be they friends or servants of Asgard.  He is given the nod of approval since birth and what else could he have known?  I once told a friend, people who are sitting on the top of the world does not know how those below feels because when you are on the top, you feel like nothing could harm you as you have the best view for everything else and when you feel like you’ve got everything, you worry less and become more confident, arrogant.  There will come a time when you think you are invinsible and take it for granted that nothing will ever beat you whereas a person from below would always, always look up at the person on the top in hope that one day, he too could reach to the top and share that same view.  The person below could understand how the person above would feel if he is able to climb to the top but the person on the top will never know what it’s like to long for what he already has, unless if he falls and he has to get back up.  Well, Thor did ‘fell’ to Midgard and that is exactly when he partially realized how Loki has felt for the first time in his life.  Alone, not approved and not accepted into Asgard.

Which is why as seen in Thor 1, Thor allowed Loki to kill him using the Punisher because he thinks he deserves it (as he thought he caused Odin’s death + he could no longer return to Asgard).  And it was also that brief moment before his powers was restored where he felt himself looking through Loki’s eyes:  Being second best and having to bow to his brother who is King.  It must have never came across Thor on how Loki would’ve felt on the day he was supposed ascend to the throne because all these while, everything has been about him and he never paused to thought about his younger brother.  Not just the throne, but everything else.  Though some says his ‘enlightenment’ came from Jane Foster and Loki himself thought so as well, I think otherwise.  With or without Jane Foster there, Thor had came to this realization on how childish and immature he was before at the very minute he couldn’t pull Mjolnir and he felt it even more strongly when Loki told him Odin was dead.  He regretted, remorsed and matured at that moment, not because of Jane Foster but because of the hurt he thought he had caused his immediate family.  We can all agree that Thor has a big, loving heart (duh, given the size of his fist).

Well, Loki, Loki, Loki.  A lot of you might understand him as the God of Mischief, that annoying puny God from Avengers or that deranged God from Thor 1 & Avengers but truly, I feel sorry for him because he was made into who he was today by all those who look after him, grew with him as well as those who had served him, all except Frigga.  

Imagine, all the friends you thought you had, was actually your brother’s from the beginning of time- until the very end of time and realized that they would’ve never played in the sandbox with you if not for your brother.  Imagine, your own servants and guards who has lower ranks than you giving you that smirk which makes you feel like you are not worth a dime as compared to your brother.  Imagine living in the shadows of your older brother and no matter what you do, you cannot get out of it and just when Loki thought he could step out of Thor’s shadow, the shadow grew bigger in size and leave Loki in a darker state than before.  Imagine, craving for your father’s attention and love to the very last second where you are dangling by your father’s mercy and all you every wanted was a tiny nod and all he told you was ‘No.’.  

Loki was given everything that Thor has never gotten.  Looked down.   Scoffed.  Useless.

He thought he could achieved a little attention by creating mischief.  No.  He thought he could have achieved a tiny nod by destroying the enemy.  No.  All his life, Loki has always been rejected.  Rejected of love, attention, approval and when he is deprived of all that, what else could he have become?  

He became the Loki that we’ve known today.  Broken, despaired, misjudged and forever wearing a mischievous or villain mask, a mask to hide all the hurt and sorrowfulness that he has been feeling and trying to ignore all these years.

One thing leads to another.  


That’s basically it!  Something supposedly ‘short’ has became a little tl;dr so I am going to stop right here.  Hope whatever I wrote made some sense to you because now reading back at what I wrote at 2 am in the morning does not seem to make much sense but I am sleepy so I will leave it as it is.

Happy reading!

The lyrics of this song kills me, when Edd wakes up everyday after Kevin’s … Well, all that was left is his shadow



Bags all packed, make sure you remember everything
No looking back, no more; not for anything.
This is what you wanted, isn’t it?
Clear it out just like you’ve never been
What’s a goodbye good for, anyway?

There’s nothing left of you to remind me
But somehow you’re still standing behind me

I’m trying hard to forget you
But my empty walls won’t let me let you go
When you took it all, you forgot your shadow
You say you wish me well without you
But something ‘bout you tells me that you know, oh oh

When you took it all you forgot
Your shadow, your shadow
When you took it all you forgot
Your shadow, your shadow, your shadow, oh oh

Hide all your photographs,
But I can feel you watching me
How long does your memory last?
It’s time I ought to be
Moving on and getting over you
I bet it looks like I’m not even trying to
Here all alone, my past on the walls

With nothing left of you to remind me
So why are you still standing behind me

I’m trying hard to forget you
But my empty walls won’t let me let you go
When you took it all, you forgot your shadow
You say you wish me well without you
But something ‘bout you tells me that you know, oh oh

When you took it all you forgot
Your shadow, your shadow
When you took it all you forgot
Your shadow, your shadow, your shadow, oh oh

It’s always there, too close, too much
The shape of something I can’t touch
I turn, and find the shadow’s grown
Those empty eyes I begged to stay
Are watching me from yesterday
You can leave me, can you leave me alone?

I’m trying hard to forget you
But my empty walls won’t let me let you go
Let me go
You say you wish me well without you
But something ‘bout you tells me that you know, oh oh

When you took it all you forgot
Your shadow, your shadow
When you took it all you forgot
Your shadow, your shadow, your shadow, oh oh

When you took it all you forgot
Your shadow, your shadow
Bags all packed, make sure you remember everything

5 Seconds Later

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This morning I dreamt I was playing with a cute chubby brown cat or more like, attacked by a cute chubby brown cat and it was sticking itself to my body like how a magnet sticks to a fridge.  Mind image for you:


1 Minute MS Paint Job

And 5 seconds later, the moment I woke up the first thought that came to me was ” I have to wash my hands”.

Then just now I was being a part time gardener (again) (You can check out my Instagram for my previous works <3 Name: Mishberries) and today, I decided to be slightly not so creative and decided to reproduce what I saw in Disneysea Japan last year, but in my own style <3


Find the Hidden Mickey!


And le gardener thyself <3


5 eventful seconds later.


You must be asking, what happened?  Why are the leaves scrambled?  Where’s Mishberries?

The answer to 5 seconds later after the first picture of the leaves:


Yes, ouch is the right word lol.  Mayhem when the two angelic (demon) puppies joined me in my little adventure >D

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Ambulance Waaeeeeyooo Waaaeeeeyooo

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When you hear that sound on the road, there’s two things that you would do.  First, jump in your seat.  Second, check if your seatbelt is strapped.  I mean many times during that split second when I hear a siren, my first thought would normally be the police and the I would check whether my seat belt is strapped or not as a second nature movement though I know 99% of the time I never move my car without first strapping my seatbelt on but that guilty alarm in me just trigger off anyway.

Many times however, it turns out to be the ambulance instead.  Where I came from, my home town, whenever people hear the ambulance siren, they simply continue drive like the ambulance is just but another car with an extra kinky horn sound and would not budge an inch to let the ambulance pass.  You know why?  Because they would say “Ah there’s no one inside, they just want to past through this jam the easy way" and if someone do give way and the ambulance sped away, you will NOT be surprised to see a few cars who’s stuck in the traffic jam, swerve and tail the empty space led by the ambulance as though they are some important ministry escorts.  It’s pretty ridiculous but you know, most of us just shrug and forget all about it when the light turns green because hey, there’s only that many seconds the light will stay green and all of us are trying to get past that traffic light and reach our destination the soonest possible, especially when the sun is scorching so hot.

Where I am now, it’s much better.  Whenever there’s an ambulance, most of the cars will swerve in all sorts of ridiculous manners just to let the ambulance pass and then wait patiently for the traffic light without trying to pull a Fast and Furious stunt, tailing behind the ambulance and I really appreciate that. 

I never really get to appreciate this act of letting an ambulance pass that much until last year in June, when my mom and I was visiting my 97 year old grandma and you could imagine how my mom panicked when we arrived and we saw the maid crying and wailing.  My mom ran to the room and saw that my grandma was suffocating and gasping for air.  I am glad that I kept a cool mind and called the ambulance calmly while my mom was nearing a nervous breakdown herself.  That 10 or 15 minutes long wait for the ambulance, I can tell you from personal experience, that it is absolutely horrendous and mind torturing. With every second that pass, I swore and swore relentlessly under my breath as to why are they taking so long.  I pray and pray with every second that they get the house address right and not miss a turn and end up somewhere.   The swearing helps with calming and my prayers was answered, they arrived and within the next 20 minutes, my grandma was admitted to the emergency ward.

She managed to last though that journey but she didn’t make it through the next day.  My grandma passed away on the midnight of that day.

But, till today, it feels like she has never really left us because she was so great and so strong when she was alive, even after she’s gone, she’s already moulded that bond and etched that image of hers so deeply in our mind that she seems to be forever living, through our memories and our stories of her.

It was from that moment onwards that it was embedded so deeply in me.  Whenever I hear a siren and I see that it’s an ambulance, I immediately give way without a second thought.  I do not care whether or not the ambulance officers are abusing their powers or they are really on the way to help another distress family, it does not matter.  What matters to me is, they get to their destination as soon as possible.

I’ve decided to share this moment with you today and I hope you in return, would decide to share this with another person because you never know, when you will be the one waiting for the ambulance to arrive and when you are left so helpless, you could only pray that others would be more considerate and give way to the ambulance.

I will see you guys soon.

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